Sunday, 5 August 2012

dispensing hope

How can I explain how it feels for a country loving girl, living in a cabin without a window where only a clock reveals the time of day, on an air conditioned ship of steel that spends most of its time in some of the poorest ports in the world, where the view consists of shipping containers, shipping containers and... some more shipping containers.... and where the horizon is filled with cargo ships waiting to shed their.... shipping containers... how can I explain what it feels for a girl who lives there, to... come home? How does it feel for a heart to get hugs from those it misses... so much... how does it feel? It's hard to put into words and all I can say is it's like discovering new treasures each time.

Do you know how it is to walk through an English country garden? The dew fresh on my flip flopped feet - my senses bathed in aromas of blooming roses, lavender, sweet peas, honey suckle and the sweet smell of tomato leaves on my hands. Heavenly. I feel like I am being romanced from on high as I take the 'walk through' garden cafe and grab a fruit salad - strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, loganberries and a nearly ripe blackberry... juicy tangs on my lips... oh, how I miss you! Do you know how this feels? Do you? I can't explain it you see. How it feels to be around those who know me... who know I prefer raw carrots to cooked and my wellies more than... well, more than I should. It's a taste of Heaven in my heart. I've so enjoyed my time at home. There's never enough time to see and do all I want but I am thankful for the time I had. It speaks to me of a generous and loving God and gives me fuel for all that's ahead.

... it's that time of year again when we prepare to embrace getting on for nearly 100 new Hospital Staff as we approach our start up in a new country. I'm passionate about what we do - I'm excited for the 'hope and healing' we can bring on our big white ship to the people of Guinea for the next 10 months. I've just arrived in Tenerife and we set sail next week and surgery begins in the beginning of September. We want to be 'dispensers of hope'... not just to the patients but within our incredible community of 450 people as well. After all, we all need hope. I do anyway. I need that strong confident expectation in the promises of God. I need to know that this isn't the end of the story, that there is more than this, that the hurting bits can get better. And this little romanced heart is ready to get dispensing.

I'd love it if you could pray for our sail ahead, for our new team as we get together and form our visions for the months ahead and for the hope we dispense - that the little we can offer would multiply and would transform the nation of Guinea. Not just a little but beyond our wildest dreams!

Thank you for loving me, supporting me and for putting hope in my heart.... may your heart be filled with hope as you pursue your passions and may you know the joy of giving it away... Love forever, KWW