Wednesday, 18 June 2014


It's like trying to get out of a hot shower - the warmth and feel of the water just seem to call you to stay... just a few more minutes? Or just one last eye-full of sunshine glistening on the ocean blue? or one last wave to carry me to the shore... weeeeeeeeeeee... or one last strawberry or one last sniff of an extravagantly scented garden rose... or one last squeezy hug. Leaving home is never easy and, I'd even say, gets harder.

Richness is costly. Richness pays a price. Richness leaves you wondering how much love your heart can hold. I feel like a roll of tape that has rolled around a thousand different beautiful places and rolled in and out of the hearts of so many these last few weeks... and picked up a million pieces of love along the way that leaves my heart bursting and feeling so so rich. Richness doesn't come from money... I can testify to that. I laugh at myself as I dart around and point out the obvious to everyone, 'did you see the moon tonight?', 'did you smell that rose? ', 'can you feel that breeze?' ... it s all so rich to me and it has been so good to be home.

My dad joked as we used our 30+ year old body boards yesterday for, 'just one more surf ', that we should ask for our money back because they're looking a bit worn... and he always asks me as we get out of the water, it was worth the money wasn't it? ... as if we'd spent thousands of pounds on some rip off adventure... but all we did was carry an old board into some chilly waters and play in some waves. It cost next to nothing... and yet, has to be one of the richest things my heart knows.

It's rich because it takes me to a place where it' s just me and my Maker. We sing, we chat, we share thoughts, I tell Him the stuff that hurts, the dreams I have, I take time to breathe and acknowledge the rich before and behind. And as I wade into deeper waters, I find myself singing, 'You make me brave - you call me out beyond the shore into the waves. No fear can hinder now the promises you made.. .'. And I smile, because here I am again, trying to soak in this richness because my heart knows that it is soon time to leave. It s soon time to be brave. Again.

So here I am... about to start my journey to Benin and meet 8 others and, together, we form the Advance Team. Our job is to prepare the way for the ship s arrival in August. I'll miss this rich home, but am truly excited to get the opportunity to play a part in this team. The rich beauty of West Africa awaits... and I cannot wait...

Will you join me in praying richness over Benin? I long for hearts to know Jesus, for them to know a new depth of God s love for them and that we, as an organisation, would steward the love and gifts we have well so that we can share them in a way that will transform lives and share tastes of rich beauty that will last into eternity. And no doubt, Benin will show share their rich beauty with us too. Even the thought of such a privilege leaves me on my knees...

Sending the hugest hugs to you all - especially those of you I didn't get to see... and praying rich beauty over each of your hearts too.

Love forever, KWW