Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I refuse

It’s time, it’s time… I can almost hear the sounds and smell the smells that arriving in Sierra Leone tomorrow will bring! There’s so much to be make me go, ‘eeeeek and aaaaaagh’ but actually I’m REALLY excited! God called me to this place after all so He’s not gonna up sticks now and leave me… is He?? That’s not my God. I feel like I’ve learnt lots about how utterly full of love He is these last couple of years and can’t wait to see what He’s going to do next to blow my mind some more ;) It’s a few years since I was in Sierra Leone but I am sooooooo looking forward to landing in this beautiful nation that has so much to be bitter about, yet seems to be filled with huge smiles and warm hearts… it kinda makes me dance inside! So as from Tuesday, I’ll be the Ward Supervisor again on the Africa Mercy – the world’s largest non governmental Hospital Ship… whoop whoop.

Of course there’s SO much I don’t want to say goodbye to as well… but as I watched a documentary a couple of weeks ago about women giving birth in Chad and saw how little they had, it made my heart ache. So many women there are dying simply because they have no access to healthcare or even when they do, the right drugs aren’t available...  the same story is echoed throughout too much of the world. It really made me think and shift my head from feeling sad to leave my cosy life to feeling a desperate, ‘I have to! How dare I not???!’… so it’s with relative ease that I can say goodbye – knowing that I am more than blessed by so many good things, but that my skills can be used elsewhere for now…

There’s challenges ahead – some big ones. Never think living and working in a Christian community somehow makes you exempt from life’s frustrations – it doesn’t! I want to be part of a team that abandons selfish desire and everything else that gets in the way of God’s incredible power at work and together come to a place where we see more of how BIG God is. I’m pretty sure He says nothing is impossible with Him, right? I wanna see that! So pray for me please… my heart is that all we do in caring for patients and for each other will be infused and full to bursting with love and would love if you could pray for that.

Thanks everso everso and PLEASE keep in touch! It means the world to me!

Love you forever, KWW xxxx.

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