Sunday, 27 May 2018

reckless love

In a few short days, I will say goodbye to this wonderfully rich place. This last month, we have had numerous final ceremonies to honour the people we have had the privilege to work with. To name a few....

34 participants celebrating at the Agriculture graduation

10 of the 23 graduates receiving their certificates from City and Guilds at the Biomed Graduation

42 participants including those from our Surgeon, Anaesthesia, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biomed and Sterile Processing mentoring programs at Hopital General receiving their certificates last week. 

Our team celebrating 24 children with straight feet at the final Ponseti Celebration

Our Managing Director presenting a gift to the Minister of Health at our Thank you Ceremony earlier this month. 

  Last Friday we said goodbye to 270 Day Crew - our Cameroonian team whom without we would have achieved literally NOTHING!

Life doesn’t get much richer than when you get to celebrate the power of God at work and the tremendous things that we have achieved together. There have been 2746 life changing surgeries and 1564 people have been a part of our medical capacity building programs! Who knows how many people these will go on to impact.

In this place I have found friends to share the deepest parts of my heart, my hopes and dreams - and failures too. When you get to rub shoulders with people who see you for who you are, who challenge you to see beyond what meets the eye and who call you higher, it’s pretty special.  

I’ve been challenged a lot lately as I think about leaving a place that holds so much of my heart and my understanding of who I am…. I’ve been reminded that I am still me, wherever I go, and that God is too. I am committed to a continent that I love so much, to a people who understand and express joy far more beautifully than I have ever experienced and to a culture that teaches me how to always put people first. I am committed to continue to fight fiercely for light to overcome the injustices that continue to affect so many.

Our God is extravagantly good. He’s kind, He’s gracious, He’s full of mercy. He literally gives hope to the hopeless, He sets people free and He clothes those who were once mourning with pure joy. I have witnessed it, I can testify to it and even though I come away with some battle scars, there are a million faith building victories that I hope will fuel my future steps.

Let’s not stop dreaming friends. We can’t. We are here on Earth for a purpose and the best is yet to come.

This is what love looks like. Baby Paul at the brink of death, now facing a life full of opportunity. Unbelievable. More than we could ask or imagine. It's been a privilege to serve with individuals who pour out such a reckless kind of love.

Here's to more as we watch the next part of the story unfold.

Thanks for friendship and love forever, KWW

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